Non Denominational

S1E14 - Halloween

The church raises money by hosting a spooky haunted house y'all

3 years ago

Non Denominational: A Sitcom Podcast

In Halloween, the church decides to host a haunted house to raise money while Annabelle, Ricky and Liv investigate the sightings of a werewolf.

Non Denominational is a sitcom podcast that follows Pastor Jamie and Liturgical Minister Elijah’s non denominational church: Society of the Children of the Natural Earth (SCONE).

Following a secretary who stole all their money, they hire Liv who is just here for a job. There’s also the smarmy part time gay employee Jonathan, the volunteer Carol Ann and the church’s antagonist Marcy. Non-Denominational was co-created by Matthew Hribar, Karyn Adams, Blaze Pratt and Kelsey Shawgo.

Music and sound effects collected from, and originals by Matthew Hribar.

Thank you to our regular cast of voices this season including Matthew Hribar, Karyn Adams, Blaze Pratt, Kelsey Shawgo, Kyle Pratt, Annaliese Hribar, Karen Jones, Amanda Casey, Julia Adams, Amy Adams, Hogan Pash, Joanna Malson and Glenn Anderson.

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